CSJ Quotes: Adversity

I’ve torn my ACL. I’ve torn my meniscus. I’ve torn my Achilles. When I faced those tough times, it would have been easier to give up and said, “Woe is me!” But I want to be loyal – loyal to myself, my family, my team, and our fans. Most importantly, I want to be loyal to God. I represent Him in everything I do. All the things I’ve been through have given me a platform to be able to talk to people. They made me stronger and helped me become the person that I am today. – Tamika Catchings


Life is tough but we have a lot to be happy about—especially as Christians. We’ve got it all. So whenever it gets tough and things aren’t going your way, that’s what I go to. That’s what I think about. – Chris Chester


We’re supposed to be excited when a challenge comes. Tests of your faith help you grow. You have to embrace it and love it and enjoy it even though it’s difficult. If you remain thankful and faithful, everything will work out. – Gerald McCoy


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