CSJ Quotes: Accountability

“There is more than one person that mentors me and speaks into my life. If I have an issue, I can have five mentors that call up and they all give me different perspectives. It takes many advisers to win the war. That doesn’t mean you should ask 100 people for advice, but there’s some godly counsel that you can have around you to pour into your life and it will keep your steps straight.” – Shaun Alexander


One of the most dangerous situations anybody can run into is isolation. If we want to remain strong scripturally and spiritually, we need to be plugged into something. Obviously you start with the Bible and God’s Word, but nobody’s going to be able to accomplish anything of significance alone. Jesus Himself actually sought out help and developed followers. – Clint Hurdle


The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that the people you surround yourself with is who you’re going to become. You’ve got to find good people that are likeminded and will build you up and not tear you down. As humans we’re only so strong. If you put yourself in enough bad situations, you will fail eventually. That’s the lesson I’ve learned over a lot of years of making good decisions and making mistakes. – Kyle Korver


“In the kingdom of God, you always need accountability. It’s awfully hard to do it all by yourself. It’s the same as in the team setting. It’s very hard to get out there in the hundred-degree weather and start getting a great workout in. But if you’ve got two or three other buddies with you, it makes it that much easier. It’s the same with spiritual things. It’s hard to go at it yourself. You can read the Bible all you want to, but sometimes it takes a different perspective to get a greater understanding, to get a deeper understanding of what it all means.” – Russell Maryland


“In Lake Placid we have Bible studies and it’s awesome to be able to share your struggles as an athlete and as a Christian with others Christian athletes. That’s one of the coolest things about sports ministry. We can share these common experiences with other Christians.” – Elana Meyers-Taylor


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