CSJ News: Clemson Fan with Cerebral Palsy Has Breakthrough During Game

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When #3-ranked Louisville traveled to #5-ranked Clemson on October 1, the result was a back-and-forth game full of explosives plays thanks to two of the best quarterbacks in the country–Lamar Jackson and Deshaun Watson.

Ultimately, head coach Dabo Swinney and the Tigers came out ahead with the 42-36 win after stopping the Cardinals on the three-yard line as the fourth quarter came to a close.

But in the stands, unbeknownst to most of the 83,362 fans in attendance, a 16-year old boy was experiencing a major victory of his own.

Like most home games before, Logan Wires was in the stands with his dad Bill and his brother Carson. Sitting in the ADA section, Wires did something that seemed almost miraculous. During one of the game’s intense moments, he grabbed onto the rail in front of him and pulled himself out of his wheelchair. No one helped him.

And according to his dad’s Facebook post, that was a big deal.


“Logan has cerebral palsy,” Bill Wires told CBS Sports. “It affects his legs, hands and trunk muscles. Cognitively, he attends regular school, takes honors classes, loves Jesus, and is the biggest Clemson fan ever. He occasionally is made to stand with assistance during therapy sessions, but it is rare for him to attempt to do it on his own and only for a few minutes with assistance. He cannot stand without assistance. Saturday night, he decided — on his own — that along with his normal cheering, he also needed to stand.”

Here’s the photo evidence as documented by Logan’s dad.


Clemson left the stadium undefeated, but more importantly for the Wires family, their son Logan left the stadium with a sense of accomplishment that will no doubt provide an immeasurable supply of hope and inspiration.


(Photo: Bill Wires)


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